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Supports for Community Living (SCL) Medicaid Waiver

The SCL Waiver services are designed to serve individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities who meet the criteria to reside in an Intermediate Care Facility but choose to receive services & supports within the community. The SCL Waiver provides support for services designed to assist with community-based residential care, including care in Staffed Residences and Adult Foster Care homes. SCL covered services include (but not limited to):

  • Case Management
  • Adult Day Training
  • Behavior Supports
  • Personal Assistance
  • Community Access
  • Consultative services
  • Supported Employment
  • Respite Care

The Kentucky Legislature sets the statewide funding level for SCL service support in each budget cycle. Typically, there is a wait period for approval to receive support through SCL. When necessary, following a formal case-by-case review process, some temporary emergency SCL funding may be available for certain crisis situations. NorthKey IDD staff works with families to assist them in completing the process to access all available short-term and long-term support.

24-Hour Service

For 24-hour access to behavioral healthcare and developmental disabilities services via phone, triage crisis assessment and brief treatment, contact our Access team:

859-331-3292 (main number)
877-331-3292 (toll-free)
859-331-1792 (for TTY)
877-889-1792 (for toll-free TTY)

Additional Developmental Disabilities Services

Crisis Stabilization
Case Management
First Steps/Point of Entry
Michelle P. Waiver Services
Staffed Residences
Adult Foster Care
Adult Day Training & Vocational Services
Supported Employment Services
Preadmission Screening and Residential Review (PASRR) Specialized Services
Hart Supported Living Grants