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KY Moms MATR services are designed for pregnant women and focus on providing education and case management/service coordination for pregnant women who are currently using tobacco, alcohol or other drugs during their pregnancy. If you are an expectant mother, some of the reasons you may seek assistance include:

  • You want to know about having a healthy pregnancy
  • You are concerned about the effects of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs on your baby
  • You feel unsafe in a relationship or in your home
  • You have difficulty coping with your emotions or daily responsibilities

KY Moms MATR specialists meet with you to provide support and help you find resources to decrease stress and risk during your pregnancy, including:

  • Financial supports and resources
  • Housing supports and resources
  • Nutritional information
  • Transportation assistance to medical appointments
  • Help with stopping use of alcohol and other drugs
  • Help with stopping smoking
  • Help to reduce anxiety and/or depression

For more information about the KY Moms MATR services and the Regional Prevention Center, call 859-283-0952.

Additional Prevention Services

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Trainings for Schools, Universities and Workplaces
Outreach to Alcohol Vendors and Restaurants
Organized Youth Advocacy