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Regional Prevention Services

NorthKey believes it is important to invest in prevention of unhealthy substance use as well as in treatment of problems related to substance use. NorthKey’s Regional Prevention Center collaborates with local community-based coalitions to develop and implement strategies within our schools, churches, businesses, local community agencies and governmental agencies to increase our community’s capacity to promote positive choices regarding substance use. We use results from prevention research to guide our community initiatives.

Our current community efforts include:
Regional Resource Library
Trainings for Schools, Universities and Workplaces
Outreach to Alcohol Vendors and Restaurants
Organized Youth Advocacy

For more information about the Regional Prevention Center and its services, call 859-283-0952.

24-Hour Service

For 24-hour access to substance abuse and behavioral healthcare services via phone, triage crisis assessment and brief treatment, contact our Access Unit:

859-331-3292 (main number)
or 877-331-3292 (toll-free)
859-331-1792 (for TTY)
877-889-1792 (for toll-free TTY)


Some services facilitated and provided by our Regional Prevention Center may be covered by health insurance. NorthKey is a participating provider with many major insurance plans, Medicaid and Medicare. We also seek additional funding through grants and contracts for specialized treatment services that may not be paid for by insurance carriers. Certain qualifying individuals may benefit from a sliding fee scale to reduce their cost of services.

Our ACCESS team and business office staff provides assistance to families seeking treatment to help them understand and access payment options available to them.