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    859-331-3292 (Crisis and New Clients)
    859-578-3200 (For existing clients)
    877-331-3292 (toll-free)
    Individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing are encouraged to call through the Video Relay System (VRS) or 711 Relay

Family and Child Services

We know there are times when issues interfere with the type of family life you desire. NorthKey Community Care provides services to help you improve the mental health of your children and family. Our professional staff understands behavioral health issues and how to help your children, and you, improve communication and reduce family tensions.

We work with you and your child to assess the factors creating your stress and provide assistance through individual therapy, family therapy and intensive case management. When necessary, our psychiatric services team assists with medication evaluation and medication management.

It is important for you to be involved in your child’s treatment. We can decide as a team what that will look like given your child’s unique needs at this time.  Some children open up more in therapy when a parent is not present and others may initially feel more comfortable having a parent in the session.  It is generally best to let the child guide these decisions.

As the parent, you will be kept informed as to the general issues your child is discussing in therapy, but specific details will be kept between the child and therapist. In addition, the therapist will discuss with the child what information must be disclosed to the parent so that they are aware of the limits of confidentiality.

If you have any concerns or question that you would like to communicate to the therapist, this can be done by calling the therapist via phone extension, asking for some time to speak with therapist before or after session with child, or creating a plan for occasional family sessions in addition to individual sessions if needed.

Our treatment staff help build family communication skills, stress resiliency skills and effective coping skills for children from birth through age 17. We help your child and family reach your potential and truly transform your life.

Service Hours

We strive to make your care accessible to you when you need it. We offer flexible appointment times and our crisis/emergency line is available 24-hours a day. Each office location has hours of operation and availability designed to maximize access to needed care and treatment. Our ACCESS team and outpatient clinicians discuss treatment schedule and availability as part of the intake and treatment planning process.

24-Hour Service

For 24-hour access to substance abuse and behavioral healthcare services via phone, triage crisis assessment and brief treatment, contact our Access Unit:

ACCESS/Crisis Line 859-331-3292
Current Clients: 859-578-3200 

Toll Free:877-331-3292
Individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing are encouraged to call through the Video Relay System (VRS) or 711 Relay


NorthKey is a participating provider with many major insurance plans, Medicaid and Medicare. We also seek additional funding through grants and contracts for specialized treatment services that may not be paid for by insurance carriers. Certain qualifying individuals may benefit from a sliding fee scale to reduce their cost of services.

Our ACCESS team and business office staff provides assistance to families seeking treatment to help them understand and access payment options available to them.

Family and Child Services:

Crisis Stabilization Services
Outpatient Therapy Services
School-Based Services
IMPACT Case Management
Early Childhood Mental Health Initiative