Mental Health and Aging Coalition of Northern Kentucky

The Mental Health and Aging Coalition brings leaders from consumer, provider, academic, legislative and other entities to work together on behalf of older citizens and their caregivers for the purpose of improving their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.


Fall of 2001

Mission, Goals and Objectives:

Goals include:
Raise public awareness to educate consumers, caregivers, professionals, volunteers and the general public regarding the mental health issues of older people.
Promote the integration of geriatric and mental health training and service delivery for professionals, paraprofessionals and caregivers.
Assess aging and mental health needs and services for older adults, and make recommendations in an effort to influence public policy and maximize existing resources.
Seek funds and donations to support coalition goals.

Population Served:

Older adults and those community agencies and members who deal with this population in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region.

Current plans/recent developments/important updates:

The Coalition completed a project to add a page titled As We Age to
The coalition recently received grant money from the state to support Northern Kentuckians attending a conference on older adult suicide prevention to be held in 2009.

Openings for new members?


Requirements for membership:

Ability to do committee work and attend annual meeting.

Meeting dates and times:

The coalition meets annually.

Contact information:

Kelly Bond, Area Development District

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