NorthKey Announces Achievement Awards for the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year

Each year NorthKey holds an annual Employee Appreciation and Recognition event to spotlight all of our great staff achievements from the previous fiscal year. The awards given out each year are: Administrative Achievement, Clinical Achievement, Rookie of the Year, Team Spirit, and Quality Achievement.  Our staff nominates their peers for these awards that they believe have helped guide achieving NorthKey’s mission of Transforming Lives and Communities Through Excellent Service.

Administrative Achievement Award:

This award is presented to an outstanding NorthKey employee who has demonstrated excellence in the performance of their duties in any area of the organization, which contributed to the success of NorthKey Community Care.

This year we are honored to award Jennifer Miller with the Administrative Achievement Award. Jennifer is the Lead Manager of Behavioral Health Services and oversees all clinic operations in our 8 counties. Jennifer is known for her exemplary leadership, especially during critical moments. Along with being a great leader, Jennifer is known for her kindness and compassion towards others. Thank you, Jennifer, for all of your hard work, compassion, and leadership. You are a part of what makes NorthKey so great!

Clinical Achievement Award:

The Clinical Achievement Award is given to the NorthKey staff member that shows excellence in the delivery of superior clinical services to many of our clients.

Rebecca Warriner is this year’s winner of the Clinical Achievement Award. Rebecca joined NorthKey in 2016 and currently serves as an Outpatient Behavioral Health Specialist and a School Based Therapist. She is known for her hard work and dedication to serving her clients, and Rebecca is invaluable in our work within the school systems we serve in Northern Kentucky. She is well loved by the children and schools that she works with. Along with her work with her clients, Rebecca is also known to be a self starter that is always seeking the best ways to help her teammates and clients. Rebecca is a prime example of the excellence we strive for as a part of NorthKey’s mission. Thank you Rebecca, we are honored to have you on our NorthKey team!

Rookie of the Year Award:

The Rookie of the Year Award is handed out each year to the staff member that, in the last two years, has joined NorthKey or transitioned to a new role within NorthKey. These staff members show exceptional qualities related to the values of NorthKey, such as compassion, professionalism, sound stewardship, excellence, and dedication to their duties.

This year we are honored to present Keneta Thomas with the Rookie of the Year Award. Keneta recently joined NorthKey as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse in Behavioral Health. She is highly regarded by her clients and co-workers. Keneta is always looking to help others, and is an exceptional example of what a provider should be. She is truly amazing at what she does, and is a joy to work with. Thank you Keneta, we are honored to have you as part of our NorthKey team!

Team Spirit Award:

The Team Spirit Award is given to the staff member that is a role model for others by having a positive attitude, represents the organization well in the community, and goes above and beyond the call of duty to be of assistance to our clients and their co-workers at NorthKey.

This year, we are honored to present Michelle with our NorthKey Team Spirit Award. Michelle is a Customer Support staff, and is the face of our 502 Farrell Drive building. She greets everyone with a smile, and is always overwhelmingly positive about every situation. For Michelle, NorthKey is a family affair, as her mother served NorthKey at our Columbia Street office for many years. She is always going out of her way to help others and make their days better. She is a perfect example of how great our customer support staff is throughout our organization. Thank you Michelle for all of her hard work and team spirit, we are honored to have you has part of our NorthKey team!

Quality Achievement Award:

This award is presented to an outstanding NorthKey staff member who has demonstrated excellence in the area of process improvement and quality, which has resulted in advances in the delivery of services, enhanced operational accountability, and increased access to services. This year we had two staff members we believe to be deserving of the Quality Achievement Award.

The first Quality Achievement Award winner is Liz Bullock. Liz is known for her confidence and positive attitude. She has taken every position she has held within NorthKey and approached it with thoughtfulness and grace. Liz’s current role is Training and Education Coordinator. She has been instrumental in helping improve the workflow and training of the entire organization. She is extremely detailed oriented and an excellent planner. Liz is wonderful to work with and her passion and drive rubs off on others. Liz, we are honored to have you as a part of our NorthKey team. You have truly helped NorthKey fulfill its mission of providing excellent services to our community.

The second winner of the Quality Achievement Award is Megan Yeager. Megan, a Care Coordinator in the IDD program, is known for her positive outlook and passion for service. She is always going above and beyond to help the individuals on her caseload. She is supportive of her clients and their families, and strives to provide them with the tools to succeed. Megan is also an advocate for everyone that NorthKey serves. She is known for her knowledge of many of the areas of NorthKey. Her work ethic is unmatched and she is a valuable resource to her co-workers. She is always looking for ways to improve our services so we may better serve our clients. Thank you Megan for everything you do for NorthKey and its clients! You are truly an advocate for our mission!

Thank you to each of the award winners for exemplifying NorthKey’s mission. We would also like to thank all of our staff for the outstanding work they have done this past year. Without our staff, we would not be able to provide quality care for the Northern Kentucky community. We are looking forward to what the next year has to bring!

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