Adult Day Training

The individual(s) must currently be on a Medicaid waiver such as the MPW or SCL Waiver OR the SGE Waiver.

The ADT Centers are located in:

Did you know? Our ADT Program is the only day program in the Northern Kentucky region that accepts those under the age of 25 to receive minimum wage. Services are available to those 18 and older.
Crisis Stabilization Services

For individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability experiencing an emergent situation such as:

  • Law enforcement involvement
  • Risk of homelessness
  • Consideration of psychiatric hospitalization
  • Concerns of abuse or neglect
  • Loss of a caregiver
  • Significant behavior incident(s)

Please call NorthKey’s 24/7 Crisis Line: (859) 331-3292 and ask for IDD Crisis

Case Management

NorthKey case management services provide assistance to individuals (and their families/guardians) with a diagnosed intellectual or developmental disability. Case management services help individuals (and families/guardians) to access services, monitor services being received, coordinate existing or planned services and provide important advocacy for the IDD client.

First Steps/Point of Entry

First Steps/Point of Entry services are designed for children, aged birth to their 3rd birthday, who are suspected of having a developmental delay or an established risk for having a developmental delay.

Michelle P. Waiver & Supports for Community Living (SCL) Medicaid Waiver

Michelle P Waiver (MPW) Services allow eligible individuals to receive support from for an array of community-based supports and services.

The SCL Waiver services are designed to serve individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities who meet the criteria to reside in an Intermediate Care Facility but choose to receive services & supports within the community.

HCB (Home and Community Based) Waiver

The Home and Community Based Waiver can include assessment and reassessment, case management, adult day health care, and respite care. People utilizing this waiver typically live at home and have at least one health care need.

Adult Foster Care

NorthKey provides 24-hour residential supports in a home setting to adults with an intellectual or developmental disability who are also on the MPW or SCL Waiver through a network of Adult Foster Care (AFC) homes. The AFC provider maintains the standards in the Medicaid SCL Waiver regulations. AFC providers can be qualified families, couples or single persons who contract with NorthKey to provide the Adult Foster Care service within the regulatory guidelines. AFC homes are located in the Northern Kentucky region.

Preadmission Screening and Residential Review (PASRR) Specialized Services

PASRR Specialized Services are supports for individuals with an Intellectual and Developmental Disability who reside in a nursing facility. NorthKey staff assesses individual needs and designs tailored services and supports to assist an individual to have a more meaningful life. When possible, individuals are assisted in transitioning to a community-based residence with services and supports delivered through the SCL Waiver.

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