• Contact Information

    859-331-3292 (Crisis and New Clients)
    859-578-3200 (For existing clients)
    877-331-3292 (toll-free)
    Individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing are encouraged to call through the Video Relay System (VRS) or 711 Relay

Intensive Outpatient Program for Adults

NorthKey offers intensive outpatient services for adults who are using alcohol and/or drugs. Our intensive outpatient program follows evidence-based treatment protocols and is based on the best methods of promoting sobriety and recovery.

Some key components of our intensive outpatient programs include:

  • Education: Recovery involves increasing your knowledge about substance use and addiction. Our educational component includes the following topics:
    • addiction as a disease
    • stages of addiction
    • recovery process and stages of recovery
    • relapse prevention
    • developing and understanding coping skills
    • co-dependency
    • reducing domestic violence and developing healthy relationships
  • Leisure Time Skills Development: Learn the value of having positive leisure activities that do not include drugs/alcohol. Developing this skill helps weaken the association that substance use must be present at times of enjoyment.
  • Anger Management/Assertiveness: Develop and improve skills that help you express and respond to your needs and anger in constructive ways without the use of substances.
  • Group Therapy/Aftercare: Group therapy helps you discuss, develop and improve your personal recovery as well as helps you learn from others who are engaging in recovery. Our therapeutic group helps you improve your life skills and acquire a support system for those times when your recovery is challenged.
  • Individual Therapy: Individual therapy provides you with a means to work on improving your personal mental health while also working on your recovery plan and process.

Service Hours

We strive to make your care accessible to you when you need it. We offer flexible appointment times and our crisis/emergency line is available 24-hours a day. Each office location has hours of operation and availability designed to maximize access to needed care and treatment. Our ACCESS team and outpatient clinicians discuss treatment schedule and availability as part of the intake and treatment planning process.

24-Hour Service

For 24-hour access to substance abuse and behavioral healthcare services via phone, triage crisis assessment and brief treatment, contact our Access Unit:

ACCESS/Crisis Line 859-331-3292
Current Clients: 859-578-3200 

Toll Free:877-331-3292
Individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing are encouraged to call through the Video Relay System (VRS) or 711 Relay

Additional Substance Use Services

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